**formerly a stupid one of those blogs where I post tons of visual gobbledygook, I decided to let my inner writer out and come through with whatever poetry comes to mind, and likewise actual substantial english. Keep tabs and you'll find out. (all poetry ©c.lamb)


Don’t we all agree

How fast time has changed

How morals get sucker-punched

And wars are deadly with stoic growing stubbornness

Yes, I know I may not mean too well

But life itself is becoming a fight

Just because you and I may feel the same 

About similar things

Doesn’t mean our differences and logic

Humanely stay put thanks to growing

Mankind manhood splitting

Planet melting

Lifestyle crumbling

Threats to our peaceful world…

As we know it

Go ahead and make your argument

But stay peaceful and admit it

There needn’t be an excuse to feel that likewise in the end

The only answer is….

Live every day with strength, positivity and the power of the present.

Mainstream Headache

Sure I love music…

But the worst of it is biting like lackadaisical logic.

All the values of once colorful musical feeling

Sucked into the black hole of our inevitable

Sidewinding new generation

Even the music that tries so hard to stand out and not “slump” 

The umpteenth time

Makes me question the future of appreciation

For the music and lyrics

We thoroughly adored 

Until background tunes

Is all I find it now

I could give a flying shit if I’m stricken misunderstood.


Counteracted by the gravity of time

Is my hate for confusion of faith

Dying subconsciously thousands of lives

Wondering how I got this far besides

Sponging all the grief that makes me think

So barren as desert, as a poor willow tree wilting.

And so now I’m driven to ascend

Through mighty words that move forth through a medium

As humble as

A man made pen.